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VSCP & Friends (http://www.vscp.org) is an open source solution for a m2m/IoT user level protocol for Linux /Windows and many lower level hardware platforms. The goal has been to build a solution that can

1.) detect a new device in an environment containing units that use different lower level protocols in a common way, 

2.) get the capabilities of a new device in a common way.

3.) make it possible to tell what the new device should do (configure it) in a common way.

4.) make devices using different lower level protocols play togehter.

5.) update firmware in a common and secure way on different devices.

Software and firmware and samples are available that realise most of this.

Specification is here  http://www.vscp.org/docs/vscpspec/doku.php

Description of higher end system software is here http://www.vscp.org/docs/vscpspec/doku.php

Description of software lib is here http://www.vscp.org/docs/vscphelper/doku.php?id=start

Firmware descriptions are here  http://www.vscp.org/docs/vscpfirmware/doku.php

Docs for user interface components are here http://www.vscp.org/docs/html5/doku.php

ode is here https://github.com/grodansparadis/vscp

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VSCP is a user level protocol that unit lower level IoT protocols into one making it possible to create one user interface for many techs.
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When the first mode was up telling the system what it could do.
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Seventeen years and still working on the project...
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Monday, August 28, 2000 - 00:00