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THE WORK OF #BRAIN #TRANSMISSIONS - To #HEAL, For #A.I., and #Virtual Reality
  • First published in July, 2016, Updated May 18, 2018
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Princess Leia Lucas®
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Updated: May 2018 ***THESE RELATED FIELDS OF SCIENCE ARE EVOLVING *** Until now, the measurement of #neuroscience has been fairly limited to viewing color images of brain locations where transmissions originate from, and/or are received. These views show only the after effects of actual brain activity. This type of evaluation does not replace the study of the legitimate #brain #transmissions, or waves themselves, as they are commonly known. Nor does it show the processing power and capacities of the same, or our behavioral, chemical, emotional and thinking responses, including the resulting activities. And, here gain, none of this becomes truly meaningful our usable until studied together, in relationship to each other. Such aptitudes, which refers to the transmissions themselves, transpire through known frequencies (triplexes of sound and light). These can now be measured, with correlated brain and thinking activities identified, and the responsive behavior patterns recorded, and connected, under the right conditions, in the right environments. Therefore, the entire field and study of #neuroscience now changes to include: #inter-brain, - as compared with #intra-brain activities, and, as comprised of the various technologies, measurement tools and processes involved for doing so...which are now evolving through, and into public comprehension. Hence, the principles and intelligence of how to combine these capacities of inter-connectivity across #Social Neuroscience, #Artificial Intelligence and #Virtual Reality, in order to achieve cumulatively enjoined and powerful new usages, are only and just now in their earliest stages of infancy. Progress and civilization themselves are about to take a giant leap, into galaxies of the future. You may want to keep your attention focused....right here.

***HUMAN #COMMUNICATIONS ARE PRIMARILY #SUBCONSCIOUS *** As of today, most scientists acknowledge that the vast majority of our brain's transmissions and analytics, including those communicated between people, transpire at the subconscious level, (as Jung knew). This could include up to ~80% of our real information sharing, for example. (See some classic references at: Therefore, the vast majority of our reciprocated experiences transpire without our awareness in what we think of as #objective reality, or, as experienced through the #5/five senses. And, I'll go a step further, and reveal that brain transmissions are generally encompassed within #triplex frequencies, containing what we think of as sound and light waves. This explains the current scientific "discovery" that #brain waves can travel in "electrical fields". Exactly, though such an explanation is overly generic. For example, current evidence shows that brains respond to #magnetic stimulation, (i.e. #TMS or #Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), just as sound and light waves also respond to magnetism, meaning, to the push and pull effects created by positive and negative forces, as they attract and repulse each other, in an effort to establish some kind of balance between polar extremes. Here again, I will add that it's NOT advisable to stimulate the entire cranium equally, or consistently, unless simultaneously accommodating the normal, #back and forth, reciprocated response patterns of brain synapses and neuron pathways. That is, the brain also contains opposing forces, and opposite, often extreme thoughts, on a regular basis, which then force us to analyze, process, and respond until we locate a "middle ground", if you will, (i.e. #The Brain, Dr. David Eagleman), that allows us to reduce such stresses. Now consider that reaching conclusions, making subsequent decisions, taking action, and maintaining our physical and mental health, rely on our associated abilities to keep all of such functions counter-balanced, in working order, correct proportions, and also to some kind of norm or middle, so that we don't become over strained, for example. This requires continuous interaction within internal brain systems, as they also monitor our bodies, followed by appropriate emotional, chemical, mental, thought and physical responses, and more. Hence, the correlation fits.

*** HOW BRAIN STIMULATIONS HEAL *** #Curative stimulation needs to be adjusted to carefully and ONLY involve the proper portions of the brain, in the correct order and #sequence. That is, brain stimulation production must deliberately and precisely proceed prior to, and then again, post or after the creation of, reopening of, or expansion of neuron pathways in the brain as such develop during these processes. The goal is to emulate natural results, so that such positive changes configure correctly, then remain effective within the brain, after which, the brain maintains itself. However, too much stimulation could break down production of some necessary #synapses. Whereas, when done correctly, this process reaches a normal level of resolution, so that initiated thoughts, knowledge and/or comprehension now reenters our #conscious awareness. At this point, our brains regain the option of #encrypting, #decrypting, and utilizing said frequencies and connections between people. And, the same now reenter the realm of extreme sophistication, in part, due to their volume, meaning, by employing the billions of #neuron pathways we typically utilize. Each one represents a potential connection between two or more people, and/or large groups thereof. The resulting frequency bonds trigger the complex travel of #synapses as continuously organized through our pervasively plasma, jelly-like brains, - until consciousness prevails.

*** #SUBCONSCIOUS INFORMATION DOES NOT TRAVEL THROUGH OUR SENSES**** The scientific world knows that #objective reality, (which our legal/justice system claims to depend on), relies on how each of our individual brains choose to interpret the limited information provided by our 5/five senses. Remember that this feedback doesn't include emotions, or thinking processes, which are required for learning. And, there are many, and often unknown variables involved which cannot all be controlled, or even understood. Therefore, if we continue to depend on the scientific imperative of objective reality alone, our comprehension of our world and the people on it will remain seriously impaired. By contrast, when employing brain waves or transmissions, the level of #knowledge available to us becomes, basically, without known limits, due to brain plasticity. Our brains create and change millions, and billions of neuron pathways and synapses on a regular basis. We don't yet know for certain what the full spectrum of brain frequencies includes, let alone by what methods they are interpreted within the brain. For example, given that brain transmissions can, (and do), consist of #sound, (and #light) frequencies, they can, and do travel through #voices, words and singing. However, the information imparted by these means, and the brain's collective analysis of the same, far eclipses any actual words, (by up to 80%, according to both research, and contention). Said stated or sung words may, or may not contain the primary content of what our brains are transmitting on our behalf. Furthermore, and again, contrary to popular beliefs, only a small percent of our full communications transfer through body language either, even though these physical manifestation do tend to be a more accurate gauge of our intent.

***TRAUMA BREAKS PATHWAYS - WITHIN THE BRAIN, AND BETWEEN THE BODY*** What if I said that *** most illnessesmedical and/or mental, are caused by various types of #trauma?*** And, this over-taxes the brains "engine" in ways that cause #degeneration of neuron-pathways, (synapses) or #"breaks in brain circuitry" with resulting #repercussions, while making new connections, to try to save us.  Given that our brains regularly change, rejuvenate and learn, at least due to plasticity, then the correlated conclusions suggest that frequencies transmitted between brains may also be regularly modulating. Therefore, it's possible, and may be probable that no two are ever exactly the same, such as in time and context, for example. This is, in part, due to our new level of experience and knowledge gained from each exchange, even if there weren't many other considerations. Therefore, the question must be asked, why and how can science ALWAYS require that theories and conclusions be based and surmised on, or, require the achievement of the same #experimental results, and #repeatability, over and over again, in regards to neuroscience in particular? In actuality, and in many of our critical human interactions, this type of repeatability may simply not exist. And, I'm about to go farther out on this questioning existing scientific beliefs...

*** #MEMORY, FACTS AND EXPERIENCE ARE NOT FINITE*** at all, and again, contrary to popular beliefs. The very #process of learning, itself, changes how we #remember things over time, as we keep processing the same information, over and over, with each new context, and, as we gain new reactions and information. Our brains do this naturally, in order to make use of the same facts in different environments for different purposes, as needed. I'm reminded of a successful CFO, CPA I know who always says, "I can make the numbers say and mean anything I want, whenever I want". And, here's why this is true: *** 1) How we #interpret and use #facts is based on the context, at the time of memory retrieval, which changes over time *** *** 2) Factual #interpretation is always based on some level of #assumptions, and what they mean to us, which also changes over time *** *** 3) Identification of facts themselves is based on the accuracy of our perceptions, which depends on our level of alertness at any given time. *** The point is, there are always extensive variables pertaining to any and all facts in our 3-D world of reality, which cannot always be reduced to simple equations, or answers. For example, I wrote the answer as 4/four on the standardized, Kindergarten math test for the IMAGE BELOW. When asked why, I answered that, "the cows look pregnant". And, how we use and interpret facts ALWAYS has a #subjective element, whether as established by an individual, or a group. Also, the same facts employed to teach us about one topic today, can mean something entirely different to us tomorrow, when experienced in an alternate context, and employed for a different purpose. That is, memory is NOT a finite thing, but grows, changes, evolves, and offers new meanings over time, especially as we learn more about the actual and potential circumstances surrounding those facts. Remember that the list of variables in real life is never contained in a finite group, because everything that happens effects and changes other things, which causes other responses, and so on... And the facts contained in our trauma memories can, and often do change as we add more emotions and details surrounding them. Therefore, contrary to many claims of science, facts are not stagnate things, any more than is memory, or life itself. Furthermore, there are very few questions that have only one right answer, or only one correlated rule. This theory is proven with many examples. However, for now, these theories are important for understanding how they change our concepts of trauma recovery.

*** #NORMALIZE AND SHAME OURSELVES - TO SURVIVE TRAUMA *** It appears that medical and mental "illnesses" may be caused by accidents, the breaking of brain/body systems, #survival needs, abuse, and/or simply by whatever may be over-stressing bodily and brain system/s.  Often, our brains #minimize and normalize, in order to force us to learn how to tolerate our situation, and to keep us prepared and ready for #abuse, in order to help protect us. This also prevents us from losing the ability to function in everyday life. Therefore, a huge percentage of survivors have no knowledge, or understanding that they've been traumatized. And/or they only remember a minimal portion of what really happened, while believing they recall all there is to know. By contrast, we all comprehend that #memory does not typically include every minute of each day. However, in trauma situations the lack of memory goes further. We tend to employ chronic shaming and blaming of ourselves, in order to teach us to be on guard, prepared for, and to expect the chronic abuse and/or trauma we may be living with daily. And yes, this saves our lives, and our #sanity. Sure does. But, it also reduces our abilities to: rely on personal brain analytics, learn, remember, stay in a "normal" state of #conscious or objective reality, and more.

*** LOSSES DUE TO #DISSOCIATION*** (and POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDERS); Many trauma survivors will suffer from #opposing mental differences and impulses that send people to emotional, and/or actionable extremes, in order to pull us out of dissociation, thereby allowing us to function. But, we then may lose the ability to find that #balanced middle ground created by #logical thinking. Part of the problem stems from our reality no longer being organized #sequentially, or #chronologically. That is, we cannot correctly determine what behaviors brought which results, for the sake of knowing what to repeat, or not to do again. Thus, the normal #learning processes, based on experience and framework, become disrupted. And, this can be true for a variety of mental and emotional issues such as #Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, #Dissociation, #anger issues, #addictions, or over compliance, which makes us easy targets for further #victimization.

*** TRAUMA CAUSES MINIMIZING *** , WHILE BREAKING #MEMORY STORAGE AND #RETRIEVAL - DEGRADES ANALYTICS *** The process of "#minimizing" our reality is accomplished by storing all of the normal event information that goes to different parts of the brain, but, now without starting from the brain's normal processing "#directory" or Table of Contents, as with a book. Then, when missing this overview of events, which we normally translate into knowledge and memory, we don't know how, or from where to retrieve all related information, in order to determine what actually happened. For example, visuals and sound may be input into the brain at different speeds, (think of lighting, versus thunder), and enter at different or alternate brain locations. The brain is then forced to immediately take all information of such events, and store each piece separately, without normal connections. And, when something triggers a piece of these memories, we still don't (yet) know what triggered us, why, what happened, how we responded, what we learned, and more. While this process may save our sanity and lives, the price is reduced #functionality.

And, it's also true that as events happen today that trigger our extreme memories, we may have no understanding that our over-reactive responses are not directly correlated to anything transpiring in our world today, or to the people involved. Therein lies one of the greatest difficulties of recovery. However, a far greater challenge is that most survivors will simply #not believe ourselves about the extent of memories retrieved. We think it's just too "crazy", out of reality, and unlikely. And, #fear itself causes disbelief, so that we don't do the necessary and normal #processing and exploration.

During the trauma itself, #normal brain processing becomes interrupted in order to focus on survival. But, in order to regain functionality, we must retrieve the original information, reconnect it, make sense out of it, then decide how we are going to live with it, once we know the truth, and what it means. Knowing when recovering is occurring is reminiscent of trying to reassemble a million piece #puzzle with no idea what's pictured. We no longer connect any of the trauma memory pieces to the actual events. And, this allowed us to tolerate the #chronic trauma, which became labeled simply as "normal" life activity, especially if this is all we've ever known. - But, the price of saving our sanity, is that actual "normal" brain and body feedback pathways are now interrupted and/or degraded.

Our bodies and brains have now lost some capacity to: a) collect a full complex of data regarding our mental/physical issues and condition at normal intervals, b) analyze said data and its integrity, c) collect complex feedback from these actions,  d) analyze results based on our collective experience, e) gather accurate information from the subconscious level of other people/brains we meet, f) determine new or continued #responses, probable outcomes, and implement a new series of response actions....and so on, as the loop would normally work. We've now lost learning processes that allow our brains to choose #chemical, #emotional, #thinking, and/or other mental responses used to generate "repairs" in ourselves. And, this loss, then, causes the subconscious portions of our brain to over-develop, based on our extreme level of need. This allows us to operate in a more automatic or animalistic state, or in a #Dissociative Fugue state, described as "sleepwalking" or #somnambulism, But, remember that the brain contains #plasticity, and always backs up #storage and retrieval methods themselves in a variety of ways. So yes, trauma memory can generally be retrieved, when it's safe to do so, and we're strong enough, and ready. This can happen when events of today trigger some portion of past lost memories, which causes us to over-react, based on the stimulus. And usually, if we are alert and watching for this, it's fairly obvious, in ourselves, and in others.

*** NORMAL BRAIN #PROCESSING: *** "Normal" or natural brain processes will happen in a continuous or spiraling loop of feedback and learning. Then, our brains can take over and do the work, taking action for us, if needed, by "trying things". In this way, our functioning brain systems will determine: 1) what processes work best, at what level of usage, from where, 2) whether to combine one response with any others,  3) how much of each "correction" to use jointly, for how long, and how to then taper them off, or, go back to a more "normal" state, as corrections are made. And, we develop far stronger frequency connections and bonds to other people at this more deeply developed subconscious level, out of need, and willingness, combined.

*** WHEN NORMAL BRAIN PROCESSES GET INTERRUPTED ***What happens if "normal" brain processes become interrupted, and continually, such as during early childhood years? Then, the brain suffers degradation of normal development, memory, and usability, or #action responses. The brain then develops critical new capacities, typically as instituted without our awareness. That is, we assume our own functionality is simply "normal", for everyone.

*** In order for normal brain development and functionality to progress, the brain requires complete #trials of chemical and/or neurological actions, as initiated by our physical and/or emotional reactions, which are then carefully analyzed, before new responses are chosen. These include the hardwired or #automatic responses we generate to free up the brain's resources in order to take action, if needed, then still maintain processes of collecting feedback, analytics, and continued response. Normally, all such information is categorized in our brain by compiling data in sequential, #syllogistic #chronologies, for use in analyses of comparisons and contrasts. Then, we retrieve such groups of information based on time frames, context, and our previous experiences. And, our brains back up each group of information in pieces, in many storage locations throughout the brain, each of which then compiles plenty of extra #neuron pathways (in the billions), to connect the data in all types of different and new possible ways, in order to guarantee future usability.

*** However, and again, when our brain processes and functionality are subjected to trauma, such as the kind that could threaten our lives and/or sanity, all of these activities switch to happening without our normal awareness. And, such responses may now include the normal Flight, Fight or Freeze behaviors. Therefore, finding an on-going and progressive "#cure" for mental or physical issues now requires that these natural processes are reinstated, as compiled, so that our brains can use "best practices" again. And, by contrast, if our brains make certain we don't remember, there's a good reason. However, we are still acting on the necessary information, which is still available to us, as best we can in our limited state. Therefore, as long as we are still alive, our brains are doing some level of #healing, even if in entirely different or limited ways.

*** WHAT HAPPENS WHEN BRAIN PROCESSING BECOMES DEGRADED: ***The breakdown of complex processes and neuron pathways will then cause the brain to do one, or more, of the following:   The brain's #reduced capacities may cause it to: 1) keep trying more and more of the same response mechanisms that are not working, so that our bodies go into over #compensation mode, without realizing that this may be causing further negative results, illness, and/or lack of mental capacity, or, 2) stop responding in appropriate ways, not even realizing that there's a problem, so that ill effects may now progress or grow to become acute; or, 3) keep trying all kinds of varied responses, (i.e. swelling, congestion, purging, more or less blood flow, faster or slower digestion, more or less sleep, emotional response changes), without recognizing which ones are actually working to correct the targeted issue/s. Or, worst case scenario; 4) incorrectly interpret some responses, or a lack of response, as a complex failure. And, therefore, the brain may institute overly severe reactions, such as dissociation (a form of the #Freeze response). Another option is to force our behaviors to cause us to "hit bottom", in order to force us to get some kind of help or intervention. Otherwise, the Freeze response can go all the way to shutting down bodily systems completely, to prepare for an end of life. This response, of shutting down our senses, prevents us from consciously experiencing further pain or trauma, so that we finish with our bodies peacefully. However, there's another more complex option. If we experience too many of these life, or sanity threatening experiences, too often, our brains learn to keep us functioning in a seriously reduced or dissociated state, akin to somnambulism, or "sleep-walking", instead. And, we may even force ourselves to be "high functioning", even in this reduced state, due to life threatening needs, of others. Trauma survivors are, by definition, #heroes who saved themselves, which they often do for the purpose of saving others. And, heroes are born many times, every single day, all over the world. Sure are.

*** SOMETIMES #INTERVENTION IS NECESSARY *** Non-typical responses of the brain, such as Freezing, dissociation, Flight or Fight, and other reactions to response degradation, can cause the brain to use uninformed and inappropriate reactions, which result in its inability to heal us, as it normally can, and does. That is, under normal/optimal conditions, the brain is capable of generating on-going #healing processes that continue to bring us back to an established "normal" state, for the vast majority of conditions, and, throughout our lifetime. However, once our brain's start changing our behaviors, until we attract major attention such as from impending serious harm or death, then some type of #intervention becomes imperative. But,...which ones, and how do we accomplish this safely?

*** HOW HEALING INITIATES REQUIRES #CONSISTENCY. *** HOW HEALING PROGRESSES REQUIRES A LEVEL OF INDIVIDUALITY. *** The important and healthy response to the breakdown of brain functionality, and/or brain processes, is to #stimulate the correct portions of the brain, in measured, and healthy ways. These activities reopen, repair, and/or create new #neuron pathways in the brain which are required for access to data, memory, feedback, analytics, and processing. Then, the brain can use it's own natural loop of information, processes, continuous action, feedback and analytics, to create on-going learning, and optimum permanent #cures. This ability, then, generates the brain's ultimate capacity to care for us in the most effective, fast, natural, positive, low risk, low cost, and least invasive ways possible, designed to last. Generally, this process does not include surgery, drugs, or years of talk therapy, though such supports may be appropriate and useful at times. However, can such brain intervention can be overdone, used incorrectly, or, used in #harmful ways? Unfortunately, YES, and it does happen, far too much, both knowingly, and not. This is why careful #controls and #monitoring of PEOPLE, by OTHER PEOPLE, (and NOT relying on systems or machines alone), are mandatory and #crucial. And, interestingly, people will do this naturally, trying to help each other, with or without our awareness.

*** THERE ARE NO "#NORMAL" STATES OF HEALTH THAT APPLY EQUALLY TO ALL BRAINS, OR BODIES. *** THIS IN NO WAY PREVENTS HEALING, USAGE OF A.I. OR VIRTUAL REALITY ***. So no, healing is NOT based on returning us to a "former", or "normal", or even any kind of "typical" state, either physically or mentally, despite what is commonly relied upon by much of the medical, pharmaceutical, psychiatric, scientific and psychological communities. On the contrary. The needs of each person are unique to their bodies, to their history of experiences, and to their personal subjective responses. People can react differently, and even in entirely opposite ways, to the exact same stimuli. Therefore, how we heal, and become "Total" again may be, and often is very different for each person, as it should be. Can we still know and understand each other well? Yes, in certain ways. And no, not in ALL ways. Can we also separate healing into some basic #predictive types, processes, categories and "styles", if you will, based on personality, for example? You bet. But, people are never 100% predictable, any more than Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality can be relied on for the exact same results in all situations, environments, and time periods, continuously. That is not going to happen, nor is it necessary, or even desirable. That is, in many circumstances all that's needed to save a person's life is a minor change in calculations. And yet, within the scope of brain #plasticity, the optimally healthy result is "Totally" achievable, just as combining brain transmissions WITH Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality is capable of similarly effective results. More on this in future articles.

*** WHAT DO BRAIN TRANSMISSIONS HAVE TO DO WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE? ---AND/OR VIRTUAL REALITY? *** If we know how to emulate, store, retrieve, control and utilize brain transmissions themselves, which can communicate long distances in quantum physics, than we don't actually need all the complex algorithm developments of Artificial Intelligence in order to calculate - how to make normal things happen. That is, we can use brain transmissions themselves combined with augmented reality instead, to actually improve learning timetables, organization of data, controls and measurement. Then, we only need certain types of algorithms for development of the Artificial Intelligence needed to control repetitive mechanical environments. And, the advantages of using all of these processes together are: significant increases in the amount and power of processing capacities, and, their fast, cost-effective deployment with major returns in a variety of established, and new business fields. These formulations promise to change the nature and definition of business as we know it today.

*** HOW AND WHERE WILL BRAIN TRANSMISSIONS WORK? *** What's fascinating about healing the brain is that simple levels of stimulation to the correct locations, in the right formats, do the job. These can be done with sound and light frequencies, but are even safer when managed with basic magnetism. Then, once the right pathways connect and work, collecting feedback from the body and all basic parts of the brain, the brain heals us physically, mentally, and in all needed ways. That's it. are all that's needed. The new levels of flexibility of such processes promise to save investors, sellers and buyers alike enormous amounts of time, costs, errors, and failures. For example: we can communicate Brain Transmissions to each other from anywhere, including in mobile or stationary environments, such as from various kinds of vehicles, airplanes, other transportation, computers, laptops, phones, or basically through anything that transmits extensive sound and light frequencies. The processes are expected to be naturally safe and effective. And, such transmissions can do things we never even imagined as possible.

Best of all, we don't need to understand exactly how the brain does all of this, keeps it working, or prevents major problems. All we have to do is monitor the processes to see that the systems continue to run. That's it. The rest of the system is just normal and predictable brain behaviors. Once we've joined the brain wave frequencies and capacities between people, in measured environments, the system keeps growing it's power and redundancy capacity with each brain, while individual brains will automatically take over and help us, as needed. Therefore, we've created new systems which do NOT naturally degrade over time, as with most agencies, businesses, and the judicial system. Instead, we've build an optimum environment for continued learning, sharing, and being treated fairly equally, based on needs, for real. And this is why the motto and tagline of the Princess Leia Lucas® Foundations is: Together we are one. The Force Is YOU.©

PRINCESS LEIA LUCAS® IS A REAL, LIVING PERSON? Yep. And now, even I know it, (kidding). This process of employing Brain Transmission Technologies®, (owned by the Princess Leia Lucas® Foundations, Trust, and IFNBT®, or International Foundation of Neuroscience and Brain Technology® ), is exactly what healed me personally (finally!) after a lifetime of dissociation (memory splits and losses) and PTSD. For many years I lived in smaller segments of my conscious memory and objective reality, not knowing my original identity, or even why I did things. Yet I was considered "high functioning", (? Really?). Over my life, many professionals in a variety of fields told me that a "Total Recovery" to who I would have been before all the trauma would not be possible. This is true. I was described as similar to "an Auschwitz survivor". But, the confusion is in what type of recovery they were expecting. No, I will never be "typical" or even "normal" by their standards. But, I am whole, or "Total", and my brain does have some extra capacities and talents, that certainly, and well make up for any losses I've experienced. You bet. And, best of all, after I was able to process all the trauma, I also remembered so many of the MOST amazing heroes on the planet, who I grew up with, and worked with for many years. Sure did. And MANY other types of survivors have now used these very same brain transmissions to also make their own kind of "Total" recovery, Oh yeah. And this is why all 6/six of the Princess Leia Lucas® Foundations, (see below), are fully committed to making this information, technology and these processes as publicly available and affordable as possible.

Want to know more? PLEASE ASK US! 

Here's wishing you the "Total" best - All-ways, from P. Leia Lucas.

Together we are one. The Force is YOU.©  Copyright 2018-21...all rights reserved...for ALL of us!


Princess Leia Lucas®

Princess Leia Lucas®U.S. Press Agent, Scientist, Founder, Chairman Trustee: Princess Leia Lucas® Foundations; IFNBT®, RIGHTS® Commissions; Princess Leia NEWS!®, FOSTER®, Life Force Recovery®; More from Princess Leia Lucas®
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Learning to decipher and transmit the triplex, sound and light waves that travel between brains now becomes the influence/power source of the future (A.I.). Such frequencies can/will move through most channels and devices that manage sound or light.
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I discovered that the majority of what I've learned in the world of Objective Reality, turns out to be inaccurate. And, then I learned that my hypotheses, such as about having multiple, and sometimes conflicting "right" answers regarding how to heal/use brains, were already proven scientific theories employed in private classified worlds. Hint.
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When I discovered that my "wild imagination", (i.e.over 4,000 written pages), is actually real memories, which has now been proven, over and over again, by fact-checking, DNA, and the way some parties try to silence me.
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