Perfect Cut: The All-In-One Utility Knife for Comp

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Perfect Cut is a set of desktop tools that performs versatile cuts on sheet materials with thickness like cardboard, foam core, leather, and cloth. The specially designed cutter together with four minutely adjustable modules offers precise control on angle and depth of cutting to save time and increase stability. It adopts conventional 9mm snap-off blades and Perfect Cut customized blades.

I actually started the project in 2015 when I was studying in London, and I continued the project after I graduated and all the way till now. There are hundreds of prototypes made and user tests done.

We are now on Kickstarter, please take a look if interested in :)

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Multi-purpose utility knife performs all kinds of impeccable cuts on sheet materials like cardboard, foam board, leather, and cloth.
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Saturday, September 22, 2018 - 19:43