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I've been needing some work tables for the workshop at my dad's house for some time so we decided to build some out of the reclaimed wood we had lying around.

Step by step of the whole process below!

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The workshop space where the tables will live and the pile of wood I can use to build them.

Measured and categorised the wood.

Designed it in CAD and made plans to maximise the wood and do as few cuts as possible

I've cut two sets of legs to lenght as I'm making two tables.

I've cut notches at both ends of the legs so that the side braces fit flush.

And they do :)

Now I can clamp it all together. I checked that the diagonals are the same size, and that ensures (if my wood pieces are cut correctly) that all the angles are square.

And that's all the sides done.


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What better way is there to start your own workshop than building your own mobile tables to work on?
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Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 18:32

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