Low Cost Robotic Small Farming

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-) I am a self-taught, with help of my friend Dr Google, I have researched many thousands of hours on agriculture, renewable energies, entrepreneurship, technology 4.0, etc, etc, etc.

-) Farming Robots is a task too complex, so we will have to start from an agricultural production system that facilitates the robotic component.

-) Very High Density and Vertical/Trellising Growth will facilitate the Automation and implementation of Picking and Prunning Robots in small-scale agriculture. In this case it is the cultivation of hokkaido or butternut squash.

-) Generally, automatic watering uses timers, but we will use arduino to control automatic irrigation with soil moisture sensor and electroconductivity sensor.
This way we can save water and fertilizers!

But, why trellising hokkaido crop???

- A Robot needs to locate the "fruits" to be able to harvest them;
- With this production system the fruits are all located in the same plane;
- So we will use a 2.5 D Vision System, ie a 2D camera in conjunction with an ultrasonic distance sensor;
- The vision system locates the pumpkins through a colour mask;
- In addition to locating the pumpkins, we need to know where its stem is, with horizontal growth (without trellis) this would be much more complicated.
With vertical growth the stem always faces up!
-) In my production system each plant will give a maximum of 3 pumpkins. When the Robot goes to harvest the pumpkins are already ripe, but none of them will be spoiled because they are very resistant.
So no choice is needed, and this greatly simplifies the robotic component!
-) In the next decades the world will have about 10 billion mouths to feed
-) Then, with the rapid advancement of technologies, "day after day" the agricultural production system and the Robots will need to be updated.
Who does want to participate in this great adventure for the rest of our lives???


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This is an Open ( Do It With Others ) Project to the entire/global/world Maker community, which has an unlimited duration because it aims continuous automation and robotization of modern small farming ( 4.0 ). Low cost Local Production is a priority!
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So far I've only grown hokkaido pumpkins vertically, I have not yet done the automatic irrigation with arduino and sensors, and I have not yet built the prototype of Picking Robot .
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So far my biggest surprise has been the strength of the open source community, without free software I had not even thought of a prototype of an Agricultural Robot.
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Thursday, January 10, 2019 - 23:47

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