LoveTap - Satisfy a need for rhythm

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I have always found myself tapping out beats. On the back of a chair, the handle for my son's stroller, a table top, my truck steering wheel etc... There are a lot of percussion instruments I could use to satisfy this fidget I have but none of them really fit the bill. They were all cumbersome, expensive or part of the elitist musician community that I will never rise to the level of. So I started down the path of making my own instrument. I wanted to make something that was accessible, portable, and most importantly, FUN. So after going through the learning curve of CNC and a lot of trial and error. Well mostly error. I cam up with the LoveTap. I can't wit to hear what you all think.

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Can I fit the sounds of a full drum kit into a portable, playable box?
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CNC is the greatest thing ever!
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Any of the multiple times I wrecked my CNC router. That feeling sucks
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Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 14:24