How To Interface Resistive Touch Panel with PC

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If we have a Touch Panel Resitive and want to connect with a computer via a USB port how do I do that? Of course you can create an interface between Touch Panel and Computer as shown in the picture below.

For those of you who master electronics, especially in the field of microcontrollers, then you can design your own interface between the touch panel and computer, for example using Arduino or other types of microcontrollers.

For those who want to be practical, then you can use the touch panel controller that is already available. Here I will use a controller with type: TSC-34 / RU (the newest type is TSC-44 / RSA-E). By using this controller, we can connect the 4W Resistive Touch Panel with a Computer (PC) via a USB (Universal Serial Bus) connection.

The TSC-34 / RU controller provides connectors for Touch Panel 4 Wire. The unique connector for the Touch Panel uses a certain mechanism so that we can insert the cable (tail) Touch panel with the direction facing up or facing down.

While the 5 pin terminal is connected to a special cable with type TSC-10 / SC. The tip of this canel is to use a standard USB connector so that it can be plugged directly into the USB terminal on the computer.

If you have a 15 inch LCD Display and have a 15 inch Touch Panel, this way you can change your display / monitor to a touch panel display / monitor. If when used there is a shift with the point being pressed, it can be corrected using the DMT-DD software can be downloaded at

If you have anything to ask about this article, please contact +62 816-982-345 .

The Touch Panel and controller use in this tutorial are made of PT.DMC Teknologi Indonesia ( )

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Connect your resistive touch panel to your computer !
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Friday, February 14, 2020 - 09:39