High Impact Tactical Suit Version 1

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I have been working on these suit for years now and have finally completed the suit, both suit are my prize possession! I designed the suits for a new compition that I am developing that detects high impacts from melee weapons, hand to hand combat, or rang weapons. I have designed this suit with with over 30 impact sensors throughout the suit with leds on the chest that change colors depending on what team you choose to join. 


Version 1


Version 2


The suit also connects to the internet which connects it with a database that keeps your deaths, matches playes, team members, and rounds played. I plan on building more features into the suit and arm mounted device.

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Creating a high impact sensing suit that connects to the internet and database for a new possible competition that I am working on.
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While building the first suit I started to notice that I can create a suit that's lighter and has the ability to have different outfits fit over it. I also realized that if everything comes together right I can have an endless amount ideas be able to come to life.
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So many times I came to the point where I thought I was in over my head and couldn't possibly finish the suit. This has happened on both versions. I thought I couldn't figure out the code that I was writing that wouldn't work, or the material that I was hand shaping and assembling.
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Monday, September 10, 2018 - 11:35