Giant Fighting Robot MARDUK (Phase II)

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Being disappointed with the quality of the Megabos/Kuratas giant robot fighting match last year, I set forth to make my own.  So I have created the MARDUK (Phase II) Mecha. MARDUK stands for Mechanically Articulated Dynamic Underlying Kinesthetics, the anagram chosen for the Mesopotamian god who united the Mesopotamian pantheon to defeat the mother-dragon of chaos.  Using little more than can be found at the local home improvement store, MARDUK is the future of giant robots as an entertainment platform.  The price tag is about that of a "battle bot" so it can be really bashed up or be built by a devoted hobbyist/maker, leading to all sorts of entertainment applications.  Last year I received a recognition from the local makerspace "Generator" in Burlington, VT to aide in its development with their "Artist in residence" program in June 2017.
The arm system is something I am quite proud of, a variation from the "skeletronics" arm system with a simpler method for controlling elbow movement that requires less precision machining: something integral for a guy working out of his garage!


Utilizing PVC pipe, joints and cement to build the more aesthetic structures, with lumber for the base frame.  Aluminum flashing was used for the "skin".
The unit is propelled by a snowblower: I threw a rod on the original engine and had to buy a new one from Harbor Freight.

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Cheaper than Megabots, cuter than Kuratas, the MARDUK (Phase II) is set to become the prototype for the future of giant robot entertainment!
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Figuring out a different elbow control system other than the Skeletronic's crazy chain of levers and axles.
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I was hoping the Snowblower engine would be powerful enough: It is.
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Monday, October 8, 2018 - 19:37