Fireworks in the Nude

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Similarly to electronic music, why can't we synthesize and manipulate visuals to create experiences? I invisioned an interactive light show, and similarly to how a DJ controls music, I can control my visuals through a control board. This simple iteration (the first of many) involves me creating a control board in Arduino to manipulate my Processing animation. The title "Fireworks in the Nude" is a tribute to the simplicity of the visuals (simple circles that move like exploding firworks).

I started by wiring the bread board. I used a potentiometer and photoresistor as inputs. Then I mapped these inputs to the appropriate inputs in order to set the size and hue of the ellipses. Once I was finished, I created two classes. To set the trajectories to be spiraling away from the center, I first initiated each firework trajectory by using PVectors and the unit circle. I recreated this in my "burner" class, but starting at each "firework" center.


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I was inspired to create my own fireworks show, one that you could manipulate in real time.
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When I decided to use the built in ArrayList to store my different sets of fireworks instead of messy arrays!
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When I first added the secondary fireworks processing ran VERY slowly and I thought it wouldn't be possible to complicate my code without it crashing.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - 19:47