Easy Aluminum Anodizing

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So i got a couple of wonderful bits for carving and cutting aluminum and started making some things that i just lost track but at some point i wanted to add some color to this pieces. 

Researching on youtube mostly resulted in many using battery acid that i just did not want to mess with. On google i found a page from Ken who is a chemist and detailed very clearly how to make this with safe materials. I could source everything very easily locally ( Panama )
but there was no way to get an adjustable PSU. I was about to order it from amazon but decided to try and use an AC adapter, so looking into a box full of the i found a 12v 2A and just used that... and IT WORKED.

For the dyes i got red, green and black. Black is very difficult to make and it turns out purple which is cool.

This is a beyond simple process but its takes about 2.30 hours but
Please be careful when mixing poisonous agents and while anodizing that the parts does not touch each other. ---

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Get into aluminum anodizing without braking the wallet and i na mostly safe way
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Being able to use a standard AC adapter to work
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Making sure Anode and Cathode would not touch
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Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 14:54