DIY Mini Shredder Recycling 3d Printing Plastic

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Picture of Origin

Picture of Origin

Why do we want to recycle plastics? Most people don’t know that the plastics you throw away will be sent to developing countries. They need to be cleaned before recycling. However, in order to save costs, they will not adopt environmental protection measures, which will cause great impact on the local area. Pollution.

As a user of 3D printers, I produced hundreds of kilograms of plastic waste. These plastics are high quality and clean. If they can be recycled and reused, it will not only save costs but also avoid environmental pollution.


There are already industrial plastic shredders on the market, but that's too big and expensive, I can't put it at home.


After referring to the design of other people, I also designed one myself.


Send the drawings to the factory for laser cutting of the parts. Stainless steel is used because ordinary steel will rust and may contaminate plastic

Then install the assembly one by one. Some parts are cut by myself using CNC, which reduces the cost.



I use a used worm gear reducer to drive the shredder. This is very important. It takes a lot of power to cut things. It can't be cut without the reduction gear.

Finally, using a hand drill as a power.


it can work, and the effect is not bad.


The assembly method is provided in the video. 3D drawings can also be found in the description below the video.


The disadvantage of the first design is that it requires a person to hold the hand drill operation, which is very inconvenient.

So I found a DC motor and driven it with a chain. It can work better


This motor is only 250w

Please see the video for the effect


The second design proves that a low-power DC motor can work, and now I hope it will work completely automatically.

I use the electronic module to detect the current, and when the motor consumes too much current, it automatically stops and reverses, so as to avoid clogging.


The electronic control part works very well, unfortunately, due to structural design defects, the blockage appears in the discharge port.


This is the production method video


In order to gain more strength and break up thicker plastic, I made the 4th design.

I used a 60:1 worm gear reduction gear


The effect is very good, you can use the human to drive the broken aluminum plate

Structural design also avoids blockage of scrap outlets


Video with effects


The final version design, It is perfect, small and stable

I reduced the weight of the shredder module,

and it can automatically smash a large amount of plastic


And successfully melted the pulverized plastic into a filament

But the extruder needs improvement, and there will be an introduction later.


Don't miss this video


If you want to make one,

you only need these key metal parts, you can make a reliable crusher,

The blade composition is only $50

and other parts can be made with a 3D printer.

Use your imagination again, use the materials or parts you own,

and don't let the plastic you produce become contaminated

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Low cost recycling 3D printing plastic
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