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Too many people are experiencing sagging mattresses which of course will cause improper back support leading ultimately to back pain. In most cases the mattresses are only a few years old and really the only problem with them is the pillowtop has lost support and sags terribly. The rest of the mattress is still like new. So I came up with a process of showing people how to take apart the existing mattress, remove the faulty pillow top layers and rebuild it with superior foam consisting of latex.

By having an expert unmask the mystery of what's inside your mattress and explaining step by step how to take apart the threads holding the cover in place, a person will be empowered to reclaim some of the money they spent on a mattress that only a portion of is faulty. The springs below are usually still like new. Follow the step by step explaination of how to rebuild your exising mattress DIY style.

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Learn how to build your own mattress using real mattress components only the manufacturers have access to, until now.
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My biggest moment was when someone followed my directions and was so thankful for the information I provided and how happy they were with the outcome. Made me realize the project was very worthwhile
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There were some who just couldn't conceive of doing what I suggested and felt it was easier to just buy a new mattress not realizing they would have the same issue in just a few short years.
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Friday, February 8, 2019 - 15:03