Designing a Paragliding Joystick

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I've been wondering about the ergonomics of paraglider controls for quite a while. What controls we have available, why are controls the shape they are, how we use them and why?

It always seems like accelerator systems have a bad reputation in paragliding and people don't use them as much as the brakes but it seems to me to be mainly a case of ergonomics.

At any rate, I just got interested and thought I'd play around with the idea of a paragliding joystick(s). A single controller that would allow a pilot to have control over roll and pitch, similar to conventional fixed wing aircraft.

In this first video I've created some small scale models to understand the mechanics better and also a full scale prototype that might allow me to do some ground testing... as soon as we get good weather.

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I'm a paraglider pilot and I've wondered about the ergonomics of paragliders and if there might be a different way to control them. In this project I build a small scale model and a full scale prototype.
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Saturday, February 9, 2019 - 01:27