Create a lithophane lamp-shade (4-axis CNC)

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In order to display a flat lithophane you need to mount a light source at it's back, which invlves a lot of work. This process is much easier for a lithophane that is wrapped around a plastic pipe. When you have a CNC milling machine with a rotation axis this is an easy process. The video shows how to create toolpaths for the lithophane image, for the engraved text below and for the base of the lamp-shade. For all these steps the actual milling process is shown as well, plus of course the final result.

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Use rotary CNC machining (4th axis) to machine a lithophane relief in a plastic pipe. The result is a pipe-lithophane that can be used a lamp-shade. A great gift: for instance to surprise grandparents with a photo of their grandchildren.
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When I saw the very low price of this PVC drainage pipe.
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When I used an incandescent bulb in the lamp: that became so hot that the plastic started coloring.... An LED bulb is to be preferred anyway.
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Monday, February 4, 2019 - 16:41