Control the color of a fire using a magnetic field

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How to create a fire that changes its color, from green to red and vice versa, when exposed to a magnetic field.


1) Add about 16 ml of alcoholic gel (Dr. Fischer Alco-Gel 70%) to a glass. Ethanol can be also be used.

2) Add one spoon of table salt (NaCl).

3) Add one spoon of Boric acid powder.

4) Add one spoon of Magnetite (Fe3O4) powder.

5) Stir until you get a uniform black mixture.

Controlling the flame color using a magnet

1) Pour a drop of the mixture on a glass plate and ignite.

2) Use magnet below the plate to control the flame color.

Flame color before the magnetic field was applied

2.1) To change the flame color from blue to red, place the magnet directly below the flame.

Flame color change to red after a magnetic field was applied from below the flame

2.2) To change the flame color from red to blue, put the magnet below the flame move the magnet sideways along the plate.

Flame color changes back from red to blue after the magnet was moved to the side of the flame

3) To extinguish the fire cover the flame with a small bowl.

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Use a magnet to change the color of a flame from red to blue and vice versa.
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