CNC Routing Fruit!

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It hit me like a freight train, ‘Apples!’ I thought enthusiastically as I walked back to the lab from a staff meeting. Certainly, the CNC machine, it has to cut apples! It’s destined to do so! So, I rushed to the cafeteria and purchased a Granny Smith ™ for 69 cents. Later, after the success of the first apple I went back and bought two more. The next day: Gala, Opal, Fuji, Honey Crisp and even a pear. I mainly carved faces into the apples because, due to a recent 3D scanning workshop, I had a lot of faces on the computer.

Why? Do I need a why? Inspiration! Just to see! To make something beutiful with a material that will almost immediately decay! And, ok ok, I think it would make a great workshop for my students. You know, low stakes so some room for small mistakes and a mess. Students love messes. 

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A CNC Router, a sophisticated machine usually reserved for serious jobs such as furniture building or cutting out guitars can also cut up fruit pretty well.
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OH! This is how you make apple sauce!
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OH! This is how you make apple sauce! What a mess.
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Friday, January 25, 2019 - 11:00