Christmas Caroling Dolls in a Decorated Dollhouse

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The Wreath Leds were soldered to a perma-pronto board and programed to cycle on and off at the push of the button.The Carolers I printed a photo of a guitar and attached it to cardboard and then detached the arm of a doll and affixed it to the arm of a micro servo.  The servo was programed to make random movements within a given range after the button was pressed.  A delay was built in so that the stumming started at the right point in the music.   NeoPixels in the windows I wired nine neoPixels together and ran them to a seperate Uno and modified a flickering light program developed by Tim Bartlett.  The MP3 player We were lucky that the mp3 player from Catalex had some nice code (  We loaded a song to greet visitors to our home. 


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This Arduino controlled dollhouse provides a nice holiday greeting to guests at our home. One caroling doll strums a guitar to Weezer's "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" while the other doll holds a wreath with trailing leds.
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It was difficult to get the NeoPixels to look like realistic flickering candles but once we modified the program developed by Tim Bartlett we were able to achieve the look we desired.
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I was surprised how realistic the random servo movements looked for the dolls arm. When I used servos to make a leprechaun dance I spent hours getting the movement just right. Strumming was pretty easy!
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Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 11:13

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