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I started research on bionic arm during school days and made a first prototype when i was 14. The arm was one of the many projects I was working on back in the day, soon I moved on to other things because i thought by the time I get into collge cheaper proshetics would be widely available. Current cost of prosthetics is about 30,000$ and those are the starting models the price can go as high as 50,000$ to 60,000$. But the biggest problem was it's availability, it is not accessible in developing nations which has a large number of amputees. Thanks to 3d printing Bristol based open bionics released their first 3d printed prosthetic costing about 5000GBP. But thats not the end I want to really develop an oustanding bionic arm, and that's when I revisited my old prototype and did another one for my graduating physics project. The hand will speak for itself.

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A new bionic arm with thumb roll articulation and separate motor for each fingers. The aim is to build a cost efficient bionic arm company.
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nylon flex strip powered fingers.
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coding was really stressful.
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Tuesday, March 5, 2019 - 17:21