Automated Gardening Plant - Activity for Kids 1

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The purpose of this activity is based on comprehension and observation, using the automated watering plant kids will be connected to different european classes. This activity goal is giving them a common bases to exchange later about environment in english.

The activity can be developed on smartphone as a tool to watch video on youtube or can be performed on video projector in the classroom. (the access to video will be available by QR code (physical graphic link to internet webpage) and children will be able to watch them on purpose).

  Step 1: The Automated Gardening Kit

In this link you will find the tutotarial to assembly of the automated watering kit developped for the European Project #Deedu, Digital and Environmental EDUcation.

For the kit, you will need:

  • electronic control and command part (listed below)
  • water tank
  • a plant in a pot

The Command & Control part The material used for the Command and Control are the following:

  • 1 Arduino UNO link
  • 1 moisture sensor link
  • 1 CO2 Gas sensor Mq7
  • 1 Lcd screen 2x16 (+i2c)) link
  • 1 LDR light sensor (photoresistor) link
  • 2 push buttons link
  • 1 Temp + humidity sensor DHT11 link
  • 1 5V water pump link
  • 1 5v volt relay link
  • 3 1k resistor link
  • 1 Breadbord or prototyping PCB link
  • 2 5vpower supply link
  Step 2: Activity