1968 Custom Mustang on a Custom Heavyweights Race

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This Custom Mustang was badly Corroded and beat, missing the hood and broken glass. I gave it a Rear Louvered window and Open Hood Scoops.


The Custom Racer Rig, I desgined and 3d printed an custom bed for the Vintage Hot Wheel Racer Rig Trailer. I put a couple small NOS bottles and a toolbox between 2 spare wheels. I even kept an original style slide out ramp.


Now both these cars are heading to the Race Track with a bright future of being Displayed in my collection. Rather than living their lives beat up and in a box, forgotten.


I thought this Custom Restoration would be fitting since it's Hot Wheels 50th anniversary. 1st Year Mustang Casting on a Vintage Style Transport.


My Posts of this custom already. This is a Restoration I have recently finished.



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Vintage Redline Restoration / Custom Race Team Set
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After hours of desgining and testing the fit of the bed. When it snapped in place and I set the Blsck Custom Mustang on it!!!
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The Black Paint job for the Mustang took a few attempts to get a nice look.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2018 - 14:40

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