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Hi- I'm a legendary Brooklyn street artist in my own right, 0H10M1ke, King of the matchbook portrait, Master of the 1-line drawing, usually in a New York Minute (under 1 minute). At Maker Faire 2018, I present: 0H10M1ke Museum.


0H10M1ke Museum project, which incorporates 1NF1N1TE P0RTF0L10 f/ a full bookshelf of hand-made original artbooks, a 30-pocket rotating magazine rack of original one-of-a kind artmags, binders of 0H10M1ke's 1000 B00klets and Z1nes, and in addition to The 0H10M1ke Permanent Collection and Emphemeral Archives, there is a gift shop of drawings, watercolors and stickers. Programming includes the Young Conservator's Program to demo what museum conservatorship entails as education programming and a chance to add guest's work to the archives. Members Wanted. 1nqu1re W1th1n.


1NF1N1TE P0RTF0L1O: The 0H10M1ke L0PED1a is a unique set of hand-made, original artbooks by Brooklyn-based artist, 0H10 M1ke. Using discarded books and magazines and nearly 1 million pieces of archival content, including original illustrations, personal writings, NYC ephemera and items collected by the artist from age 13 to present, 0H10M1ke assembles serially numbered, encyclopedic volumes. When complete, the work in its' entirety will present as a magazine rack, a bookshelf, a reading room of over 100 volumes, including a bookshelf that can be perused and a 30-pocket rotating magazine rack. 


1NF1N1TE P0RTF0L10: The 0H10M1ke L0PED1a has been shown in part at The Floating Library aboard The Lilac Museum Steamship at Pier 25 on the Hudson River in New York City, The Sculpture Center in Long Island City, NYC, The Old Gem in Williamsburg, and Glasshouse, Brooklyn and Con Artist Gallery, Lower East Side. 



0H10M1ke L1ve Publ1sh1ng is where I create zines and books live from my cache of ephemera and drawings from my infinite portfolio during exhibition openings/closings/events. Guests can add ephemera to be directly adhered into magazines and books along with illustrations and watercolors.
0H10 Portraits: 0H10M1ke wanders the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan drawing portraits on matchbooks and found objects and gifting the art objects to their sitters. 100K Matchbook Portraits is a mobile street art project in which strangers become subjects and turn collectors within 1 minute of engagement. Each portrait, penned on the inside of a matchbook or on a found object, is serially numbered, signed and dated and given away to the subject upon completion. Currently entering the 13,000's, this project will culminate at matchbook portrait number 100,000. Due to an injury, a very limited amount of portraits will be available to MEMBERS ONLY. 
0H10M1ke Bio (long):
0H10M1ke wanders the streets of Brooklyn and NYC, passing out serially numbered matchbook portraits drawn on the spot in 1 minute. In 2007, he completed The Year of 1000 Drawings. Additionally in 2007, work commenced on the mobile street art project, 100K Matchbooks, a series of 100,000 matchbook illustrations and portraits with 13,000 completed. His 2008 work, 10K PPL, consists of 10,000 contour drawings of people's faces. In 2009, 0H10M1ke focused on the development of 0H10M1ke LIVEDRAW, a collaboration between live bands, DJs, dancers and performers in which the artist projects his wacom tablet drawings created in realtime to the beat of the music as the visual backdrop of a live performance. 0H10M1ke performs live with his electro/funk band, Comandante Zero, in Brooklyn, NY and around the world.
The Year of 1000 began in December 2006 and ended in December 2007. This first 1-year project is a retrospective of 0H10M1ke's return to illustration after a two-year hiatus that charts his growth from poorly drawn circles to the highly stylized, multi-genre approach of an emerging artist. Abstract, surreal, comic, and conceptual methods are explored and developed over the span of 1000 illustrations during the course of a transitional year in the artist's life.
10K PPL (Ten Thousand People) is an illustration study completed by 0H10M1ke between January 2008 and March 2009 in Williamsburg , Brooklyn . Over 10,000 contour drawings of faces were created to develop and refine his current single-line style and adhere to a rigorous schedule of hyper-productive 1-year projects. 10K PPL represents the 10,000 people the artist has known and worked with in New York City.
100K Matchbook Portraits is a mobile street art project in which strangers become subjects and turn into collectors within 1 minute of engagement. In its inception, 0H10M1ke convinced Brooklyn bodega owners to part with full boxes of blank matchbooks that he would then graffiti and return for them to be given out to customers. Portraiture naturally evolved as the focus of the project after matchbook number 5,000. Each portrait, penned on the inside of a matchbook, is serially numbered, signed and dated and given away to the subject upon completion. Currently reached the 13,000 series, this project will culminate at matchbook number 100,000. 10K additional portraits on various found material are also out there among the collectors.
0H10M1ke LIVEDRAW w/ Comandante Zero/ C0m1x
0H10M1ke is a visual artist focusing on hyper-productive 1-year illustration projects such as The Year of 1000 Drawings, 100K PPL, and 100K Matchbook Portraits. His emergence as a digital artist began in 2008 after a solo show of his contour drawings in Brooklyn caught the eye of friend and Comandante Zero drummer, Ken White. Encouraged by Ken and C0 bassist/keyboardist/singer Dan Freeman, 0H10M1ke began drawing lines and forms to the rhythm and beat of their music using a Wacom tablet and projector. The three partnered to produce the first LIVEDRAW on April 12, 2008 at Uniondocs in Williamsburg and have continued to realize their vision of performing each live show as a cutting-edge multimedia spectacle now with Drummer, Jibrail Nor. The trio has played Brooklyn Museum, The Rubin Museum, various galleries and festivals and has traveled to Colombia, Chile, and Costa Rica. 0H10M1ke performs with live musical acts, DJs, dance companies, and other performers in anticipation of touring to promote Comandante Zero's new live set.
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1NF1N1TE P0RTF0L10: The 0H10M1ke L0PED1a is a unique set of hand-made, original artbooks using discarded books and magazines and nearly 1 million pieces of archival content, including original illustrations, personal writings, NYC ephemera.
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It took 4 years of nonstop drawing to get to matchbook 10,000 and 11 years to bring into existence the 0H10M1ke Museum
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Not everyone wants their portrait. Therefore- the 0H10M1ke Museum!
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Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - 17:09